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  1. Papers should be submitted electronically, in Word format for Windows versión 93 or higher (file extension .docx), to the following e-mail address:

  2. Authors should send two electronic files
    • The first file must be submitted with the author personal data on the first page: full name, institution affiliation, email address and mailing address.
    • The second file should omit the details of the author and any information (acknowledgments and references) revealing the identity of the author.
  3. Articles should be submitted under the following specifications:

    • Paper title

    • General information

      - Author´s full name
      - Academic affiliation
      - e-mail address

    • Abstract

    The author must include an abstract in Spanish and English at the begining of the paper of no more than 150 words and maximum of 5 keywords.

    • Extension

      - The article must not exceed 10,000 words or 25 pages.
      - Reference notes should not exceed 2,000 words.

    • Format

    - Papers should be attached as a Microsoft Word document. Page format should be A4, with side margins of 3cm and 2.5 at top and bottom.
    - Empty lines between paragraphs should be avoided, and the first line of the new prargraph must be indented..
    - Font should be Garamond 12 points and 1.5 line spacing. Footer notes font should be the same as the body text, but with 10 points and single spacing.
    - Pages should not be numbered.
    - Images, graphics, charts and/or tables, should be attached as jpg. files, with a minimum resolution of 72dpi.
    - Italic type should only be used for bibliography titles and foreign words.
    - Dashes should appear without spaces between the first and last letters of the enclossed statement.

    • Reference system

    - References in the text should be superscript footnote in ascendin numbering.
    - Superscript numbers should be placed after the punctuation sign. Example: «The pure ego»2.
    - Quotes should be in Spanish (or English for english sources).
    - Quotations exceeding five lines should go to camp without bleeding or quotes, with one font point less and single spacing.
    - Missing parts of a quotation should be indicated with three dots in parenthesis.
    - References should be presented in the following order, both as footnotes in the final bibliography, where the only omited data will be the page number.

    Surname of author, Name(s), Title in italic, Editorial, Edition city,  Year, Page number.

    Volpi, F., Heidegger y Aristóteles, F.C.E., México, 2012, p. 56. Trad. María Julia de Ruschi.

    Final bibliography:
    It must be sorted alphabetically. In the case of authors with more than one work cited titles should be sorted by date, starting with the most recent edition.

    Blumenberg, H., Teoría del mundo de la vida, F.C.E., México, 2013. Trad. Griselda Mársico.

    «Idem» marks the same instant reference above. If the page number does not match, a comma and the corresponding number is added..

    «Op. cit» is used when a single book of the same is acknowledged.

    «Cf.» indicates the confrontation with works whose record must follow the abbreviation.

  4. El Acta Mexicana de Fenomenología. Revista de investigación filosófica y científica, will accept any request from the authors to reproduce their articles in collective books and other media, provided the original source of each text is acknowledged. Likewise, it is understood that the opinions expressed in the articles published are responsibility those of the authors and do not compromise the scientific and political opinion of this journal.
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